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Computer Upgrades & Installs

As program technology advances, so do the system requirements. Our expectations can surpass the current equipment we have, but rather than throwing out a perfectly good PC we can perform tune-ups and hardware upgrades to bring your PC up to standard.

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Computer Software/Hardware Upgrades and Installations

Need a bit of a performance boost? We have a range of products that can help.

System tune ups

Hard drive format

Windows 7 upgrade

RAM upgrade

PC health check

Data backup

New computer tower

Custom Build computers

Printer/scanner installation

Network set up


System tune-ups

Over time the core components of your operating system can become cluttered and unstable from installing and uninstalling programs, internet traffic, bad installs no system maintenance and many other reasons. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to give major performance boosts. Purchasing a ram upgrade entitles you to 40% off this service.



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Windows 7

Wanting to upgrade to this critically acclaimed operating system? We can back up all of your old files and email accounts before migrating them to a new operating system keeping your data safe while we wipe your hard drive clean and get it ready for a fresh installation and a new start.

$195*/ Workshop



Hard Drive Format

Sometimes it can be more cost effective to wipe the slate clean and start again. If your computer is too corrupt, too slow or just too far gone, it may be best to just start over. We can usually still back up all your old files and email accounts, bring them into your fresh install and have you feeling like you did when you first purchased your pc. Formatting is the most thorough way of ensuring performance increase without purchasing new hard ware.



RAM Upgrade

If you like to multitask or your pc is getting on in its life, there is a good chance your pc might not have enough ram to keep up with your demands, a ram upgrade is a super quick and easy way to inject some performance into your pc. RAM prices are pegged at market value and are variable, for a fixed quote please call us on (07) 55 569 610.

40% off tune-up service when you purchase a ram upgrade.


New PC

The ultimate upgrade, we identify your needs and likes then design a pc that suits you. We hand build it with parts from wholesalers ensuring more competitive prices than high street retailers. Perhaps you want to BYO monitor/keyboard/speakers etc. to save some money. Not a problem! Whatever your needs are beginner/worker/experienced or gamer we can build or design around exactly what you want.
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Don’t forget we can also provide you with free advice on what will suit your needs, we can custom build a brand new pc for you, install it in your home or office, provide you with a warranty, cover it with an unlimited support plan and coach you on how to maintain system integrity and optimal performance.

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