IT Squad believes all businesses have a moral obligation to their communities and environment. We support our local communities and the planet as a whole by doing our little bit, in many different ways. After all, we live here too!

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Our commitment to our environment

E-waste (computers, printers, phones, monitors, TVs)

Rapid changes in technology cause your old hardware to become obsolete....quicker than ever before. What a lot of people don't know, or worse…care about, is just what exactly is in that old hardware, how does that that impact our environment, and where does it all end up?

Firstly – Electronic hardware contains a broad range of toxic materials, heavy metals, mixed plastics, fire retardants, metal circuitry and glass. A lot of which can be recycled and put to good use for a sustainable future.

Secondly – They generally end up in landfills, most right here on the gold coast.

We are yet to see an Australian government introduce a national e-waste recycling initiative. But that's not stopping anyone at IT Squad and our waste management partners. If you would like to participate in the recycling and a sustainable future for electronics, just ask your IT Squad tech.

Ink cartridges

We responsibly dispose of all our, and your, old ink cartridges using Planet Ark.

Paperless office

We take every step possible to try and cut down paper waste, through the use of email, e-fax and the internet. This is why we ask for your email address. Ask us how we can help you cut down your paper waste in your office.

Our commitment to our community

Code of conduct

We pride ourselves on our customer service. If for any reason you think one of our contractors/staff or representatives may have contradicted our values, beliefs or commitments, we want to know all about it! Call us straight away and we will have a senior representative from the company take up the case.

Public servants

We proudly support our local police through financially sponsoring the boarder publications magazine and community fund raising initiatives.

Senior citizens/Pension card holders

We offer 10% discount on labour only to pension card holders requiring residential services. Because IT Squad believes our senior and disadvantaged members of society deserve our support.

Community charities

We proudly support the rotary club of Nerang, through volunteering our own staff when and where possible.

Local sports clubs

If you're an IT Squad customer and part of a local sports team that's in need of support*, IT Squad might back you! Call our office to find out how the stock markets are looking!